Dr. Huwaishil Al Lamki

Senior HR Management Consultant
Learning & Management Development Centre

With a degree in Chemistry, Mr. Al-Lamki is passionate for people development. He is known for coaching and helping people to develop both academically and professionally.

He first joined Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) as a Senior Instructor. Quickly moving up the ranks, he introduced to PDO a ‘Graduate Scholarship Scheme’ that he had developed for government scholars who scored high passing marks in science subjects to go to overseas universities in the UK and the USA on Company scholarships. For his own development, PDO then seconded him to Shell Nigeria for 2 years for broadening. He left a lasting impression there with the 'Induction Programme' that he developed for freshly-recruited graduates to prepare them for key roles in the HR function. Proving a great success, this Programme was subsequently adopted in PDO.