Welcome to the Innovation and Development in Nursing Conference

Innovation is a new idea, method and/or practice device. Innovation is about doing things differently or doing different things to achieve enormous gain in performance and improve health care delivery. The nurse innovators are working to improve outcome and the patient experience by reimaging and redesigning health care model through building & elevating nursing creativity. The nursing practice is being uplifted by collaborating innovative nursing educational strategies.

Innovation in health information technology can significantly impact quality of nursing care. Nursing leadership maximize efforts to protect, promote, optimize and advocate for the health of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. Innovations are dynamic to make significant changes in the delivery of healthcare to support implementation of evidence based practice to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

Why to Attend

The event is a great platform to gather knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in the field of innovation and development in Nursing. World class discussions including keynotes and workshops by reputed Nursing Professionals from all over the world makes this conference the best among other Nursing conferences.

It will encourage and inspire nurses to identify themselves as innovative thinkers, highlight successful invention experiences and discuss different methods to take an idea from ideation to implementation.

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Welcome Speech

We are delighted to invite you to the Innovation and Development in Nursing Conference hosted by the Kuwait Ministry of Health taking place in Jumeirah Messilah Hotel, Kuwait, from 29-30 Jan 2020.

The event brings together expert nursing professionals, researchers and leaders of stakeholder organizations in the field of nursing offering an outstanding cutting-edge set of keynote presentations, lectures, workshops and poster presentations.

The theme of the conference is Innovation & Development in Nursing

Kuwait Ministry of Health is dedicated to building a culture of innovation in nursing. To innovate is to put new ideas into practice or existing ideas into practice in new ways. Registered nurses leading innovation ideas and practice to create new knowledge, develop health care policies and practice, improve the quality of care; and advance health information technology.

The event provides a podium for thought provoking discussion on novel approaches by the eminent persons in the field. This event is designed to bring together nursing professionals, scientific researchers and business entrepreneurs to discuss the latest innovative techniques and technologies for developing and enhancing nurse-led innovation in practice.

It is our hope that this conference will give you an outstanding experience and we look forward to see you in Kuwait.

Mrs. Sanaa M Taghaddom

Conference Chairperson

Conference Topics

  • Advancement of nursing through strategic frameworks: lessons from the Region
  • Resources, Politics and Leadership: The evolving face of what it means to be a nurse
  • Nurses Trend Setters for global Health
  • Transformational leadership and its relevance to nursing development in GCC countries
  • Emerging Trends in Nursing Education
  • Development strategies in Egyptian nursing educational programs
  • Performance Management System (PMS) within Health Care portfolio
  • Quality in nursing services
  • The Story of a Legendary Journey: Leadership Development Initiatives at the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Oman


  • Discuss the recent World Health Organization Regional and Global initiatives and its implications for nursing and midwifery development.
  • Present the Regional framework for action in the Eastern Mediterranean Region 2016 – 2025
  • Discuss ways to strategically transform nursing education, practice, workforce and regulation at the national level.
  • To explore the changing global healthcare environment and the increasing competition for resources.
  • To explore the changing nature of nursing leadership and how we need to prepare nurse leaders for now and into the future.
  • To improve health globally
  • To raise the standards and profile of Nurses
  • Discuss the current GCC health challenges and nurse leaders’ role
  • Recommend ways forward to create a culture of success for nursing in GCC
  • Reflect on the Regional and GCC nursing education standards and its impact on benchmarking nursing education program
  • Discuss the development and review processes of nursing education in GCC
  • To keep pace with the rapid change in health care environment by revising nursing education curriculum
  • Review of current system, contrast with best practice, to identify possible gaps for improvement.
  • Establishing and promoting Health Care Scorecard for evaluation of hospital goals.
  • Implementation of modern tools and techniques to enhance objective assessment and minimize subjective judgment.
  • Preparing and planning total quality programs in the nursing sector
  • To define what is required of employees to perform successfully
  • To outline performance management requirements
  • To target the development of staff and future leaders
  • To accurately plan succession management